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Backpacking Dude is one of the Outdoors Dudes that share their expertise, experience, advice, and tips for free on the 'Net.

I've been hiking and backpacking for over 40 years. My first 'big' trip was backpacking for 40 days through Europe in 1984.
I've led groups backpacking in the mountains of Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana as well as the flatlands of Minnesota and Wisconsin. My treks have covered dry dessert with little water, rain forest with too much water, rocky mountains with thin air, and humid marshes with too many mosquitos. Wherever you may travel, there's always something special about the location - looking past the hardships you face to find the beauty may be a challenge at times.

The evolution of backpacking practices and equipment is fascinating. Leave No Trace has become commonly accepted practice and gear has especially changed with lighter and stronger materials being available. Pack weights drop, food options increase, and costs can skyrocket! A person can now take a week-long trip for $50 or $5,000 depending on what gear, gadgets, and grub he decides to use.
On this site, you can read my advice and ask for help with your specific backpacking question. I tend to be on the 'cheap' side of backpacking, but keep Safety a key priority.
Please ask whatever you want to know about your next adventure into the wilds.


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